Made from 100% Sustainably Sourced Bamboo
Bamboo is the Fastest Growing Plant in the World 1 Metre in 1 Month
Eliminate Plastic from your Cleaning Today
Biodegradable – Reduce Landfill
Reusable – No More Paper Towels
Stronger – More Absorbent
Safe on Upholstery – All Surfaces
Machine Washable – Up to 80 times and becomes softer (resistant to bleach) 20 x Wipes – Size: 30cm x 28cm – 11 x 11.5 inches
1 Roll of Bamboo Wipes Replaces 85 Rolls of Paper Towels
Price 16.95 per Roll = 85 cents per wipe
Use with BevistoCryl and Foam Dispenser
Wiping down surfaces – Cleaning Bathrooms
Removing makeup – Cleaning Electrical Devices – Drying Hands

500 tonnes of wipes are removed from sewage in NSW alone every year. Being more aware of the waste and type of waste that goes into our bins will make a difference. Reducing your waste by using reusable wipes gives mother nature a big hug! Reusable BAMBOO Towels can be used with BevistoCryl on all surfaces between treatments including upholstery. Cleaning and disinfection surfaces will provide

No aldehydes – No phenols – No alcohol