The Julie Parker Practice Success Podcast

May 12, 2022


The Julie Parker Practice Success Podcast

In this episode of the Julie Parker Practice Success Podcast, I Jurgen Kuhefuss, Director and founder of Bio Hygiene, was honoured to speak to Julie and her audience about ensuring the safety of your dental team and the environment.

Have you ever read the warning labels on the chemicals you use for your suction system, ultrasonic and surface disinfectant? For the health of your team and the environment, this episode is a must-listen!

In this episode of the Julie Parker Practice Success Podcast:

  • Learn important information for pregnant women, or women planning to have children.
  • Find out what happens when a concentrate dosage has been inaccurately measured and what that means for the surgery.
  • Or, learn how to identify products that are bad for marine life, so you can choose products that won't add to the destruction of the environment.

If you have found yourself concerned by some of the topics discussed within this podcast or the warning labels you see on the products you currently use, make your plans to switch over to safe, economic and Australian made infection control solutions. Visit our website and do a few minutes of research on our infection control products, read our MSD's, or, contact us, via email for a free product and safety assessment.

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